This archive contains the minutes of all committee meetings and general meetings held for the Middle Common Room.

General meetings are held about twice a term, and are open to all members of the middle common room.

Hilary: 03/03/21Minutes
Hilary: 27/01/21Minutes
Michaelmas: 25/11/20Minutes
Michaelmas: 21/10/20Minutes
Trinity: 10/06/20AgendaMinutes
Trinity: 06/05/20AgendaMinutes
Hilary: 04/03/20AgendaMinutes
Hilary: 29/01/20AgendaMinutes
Michaelmas: 27/11/19AgendaMinutes
Michaelmas: 23/10/19AgendaMinutes
Trinity: 12/06/19AgendaMinutes
Trinity: 08/05/19AgendaMinutes
Hilary: 27/02/19AgendaMinutes
Michaelmas: 21/11/18AgendaMinutes
Michaelmas: 17/10/18AgendaMinutes
Trinity: 08/06/18AgendaMinutes
Trinity: 02/05/18AgendaMinutes
Hilary: 28/02/18AgendaMinutes
Hilary: 24/01/18AgendaMinutes
Michaelmas: 22/11/17Agenda
Blues Fund Guidelines
Michaelmas: 25/10/17AgendaMinutes
Trinity: 14/06/17 AgendaMinutes
Trinity: 03/05/17AgendaMinutes
Hilary: 01/03/17Minutes
Hilary: 23/01/17Minutes
Michaelmas: 23/11/16AgendaMinutes
Michaelmas: 19/10/16AgendaMinutes
Trinity: 10/06/16AgendaMinutes
Trinity: 11/05/16AgendaMinutes
Hilary: 02/03/16AgendaMinutes
Hilary: 03/02/16AgendaMinutes
Michaelmas: 01/12/15Agenda

Motion to Support Scholarships for Refugees, as drafted by the Oxford Student Refugees Council


Statement in Favour of Motion

Michaelmas: 28/09/15AgendaMinutes