The MCR committee and college administration will communicate important information via emails and the primary email address you supplied (which defaults to your college/dept. email address).
As a committee we try to limit the number of email we send out so that it doesn’t become a bother. We expect that MCR members will look at the content of the email as there may be important information at times.

We know some of our emails will be relevant to you but others might not, so all Teddy Hall MCR notice emails have a [keyword] in the subject line. You can filter out all the emails from your inbox with this keyword by right clicking on this message in your inbox. Then choose Select Rules/Create Rule. Tick the ‘From:’ box and the box next to ‘Subject Contains:’ and just put the keyword in the text box. Then select ‘Move Item to Folder:’ and choose the Deleted folder. Click Ok: no more unnecessary emails will bother you again.



The MCR also communicates through the MCR Facebook group. The group is open to all current MCR members to join and make full use but it is governed by the university’s regulations on on-line presence and cyber-bullying as well as the MCR online etiquette guidelines (a.k.a MCR Guidelines on the Use of Social Media and other Online Services).

The current MCR Facebook group is available here.