MCR Guidelines on the Use of Social Media and other Online Services

This MCR hereby:

  • Affirms, that the Middle Common Room should be a safe space in all respects, both in the real world and cyberspace.
  • Recognises, that sometimes MCR members may act in a way that is at odds with the safe and tolerant atmosphere that we hope to cultivate.
  • Understands, that at times liabilities for the St. Edmund Hall, the MCR or individual members arise due to a disregard for the nature of social media and the ease with which communication(s), which are perceived to be private, can be accessed publically.
  • Believes, that the MCR should maintain a balance between members’ right to freedom of expression, right to privacy and duty to create a space free of harassment.

To this effect we hereby agree to adopt and adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. MCR members agree to take personal responsibility for their posts, emails, comments and any other form of online communication.
  2. MCR members will refrain from using any MCR or St. Edmund Hall social media/other online forums to make personal attacks or engage any form of harassment.
  3. Harassment shall be understood as defined according to the University of Oxford University Policy and Procedure on Harassment, which are available at the following URL:
  4. Only currently-serving MCR Committee Members shall act as Administrators on the MCR Facebook Page.
  5. At the end of every academic year, the MCR Committee will renew the Facebook group to include only current MCR students. The remaining Facebook group will then be used as an Alumni group for that year.
  6. MCR members will bring to the notice of the MCR Committee any behaviour that they feel is a personal attack on themselves or another member of the MCR, rather than engaging with the alleged transgressor publically.
  7. The MCR Committee will communicate the complaint to the alleged transgressor in the hopes of resolving the dispute. The alleged transgressor may be asked to remove the post at issue, if it is felt this will mitigate the situation and/or resolve the dispute.
  8. If the alleged transgressor does not agree to remove the post, the MCR Committee will attempt to mediate between the concerned parties to help settle the matter. If parties are still not satisfied after the Committee’s intervention, the Committee will refer the matter, on request, to the Dean of St. Edmund Hall.
  9. Where any form of communication grossly and openly violates the University Guidelines, referred to above, the MCR Committee will take reasonable measures to remove or delete said communication and inform the original poster of the reason for its removal.