Booking appointments can be made for a 2h period from sunrise to sunset in the summer months, but make sure to leave enough time to return the punt before the next group need it. The punt outing must last no longer than 1.5 hours. The last 30 minutes of each appointment must be spent disinfecting the punt for the next group and returning the keys.

The keys are all kept in the 17 Norham gardens foyer in the spare pigeonhole along with the fob for LMH, not in the common room and not returned to LMH porters. Return them in the foyer where you found them once you are done. Avoid contacting the LMH porters for help since they do not like this, contact someone in the Teddy committee if there is a problem. The punt pole is kept inside the boathouse in the SEH storage unit, the keys are all on the same ring.

When you’re finished, please ensure you clean and desinfect the punt properly so that it is ready for the next group to enjoy safely. Following the clean up, please return all the equipment (locker 5) and ensure the punt is tied up at both ends and locked. Our spot up the channel is marked with a laminated page, please fasten the punt at this point and nowhere else on the channel. Lady Margaret Hall have allowed us to moor in their channel, so please respect their facilities and equipment. Please, return the keys to NSE 17 immediately! 

Please respect your fellow MCR members by cleaning the punt and returning the keys promptly, as successive bookings will not be honoured until the keys and punt has been returned.


Unfortunately, the punt is currently inaccessible until further notice 🙁