The MCR provides a social environment for all members from every discipline studying at Teddy Hall. It is on the main College site, just off the quad at staircase 4.

In the MCR, you will find coffee and tea on the side behind the bar, and cookies in return for an honesty charge. Next to the coffee and tea, there is a microwave that you are invited to use to warm up food. Plates, cutlery, and glasses are provided on the shelves behind the bar.

Behind the bar, you will find the MCR welfare supplies: condoms, lube and pregnancy tests as well as tampons and pads.

middle common room

In the back room of the MCR, there are comfortable chairs and couches, two guitars, a number of games in the cupboard next to the fire place (it is not locked, you just have to pull hard!), and chargers for mobile phones. The MCR has a subscription to several newspapers and magazines, which you find in the newspaper stand next to the fireplace. One of the walls is covered by a map of the world with pins, feel free to place a pin on the country that you are from when you arrive in the MCR.

During the day, the MCR is used for socializing. Some students, who don’t mind noise, like to work there as well. On Tuesdays and Fridays, we serve sherry before and port after formal hall. This also happens occasionally on Mondays for the MCR exchange dinners.

On Thursday evenings at 7pm, you can join us for cake, organized by our welfare team.

Our termly welcome back and farewell parties are usually held in the MCR. These tend to be well-attended and really fun.