The college collects fees and charges from its members via termly battels.

All MCR members will be charged an MCR membership fee and a contribution to the St Edmund Hall Association, our alumni network. In addition, there are optional charges for causes that we support as a community.

You can opt out of any of these by sending an e-mail to the MCR treasurer. Please note that for some of the funds if you opt out, you will not be eligible to make use of any of the services/grants connected to these funds.

ChargeTermly AmountOptional?Contact
St Edmund Hall Association£8.00NoAccounts
MCR Membership Fee£13.50NoAccounts
Picture Fund£1.00YesAccounts
Reach Oxford Scholarship Fund£6.00YesAccounts
MCR Charity Fund£5.00Yes*MCR Treasurer
50th Anniversary Grant£5.00Yes*MCR Treasurer
Oxford Students Refugee Campaign£4.00YesMCR Treasurer
*affects eligibility