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The Middle Common Room of St Edmund Hall is a vibrant community of:
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Ex Aula Research Journal

Quo Vadis, COVID-19 Vaccine?

We have a vaccine for COVID-19. Finally this pandemic could be over with. Hurrah! Late last year, Pfizer, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Sinovac, and other developers announced their successful endeavours in producing effective vaccines against COVID-19. Despite differences in methods and production techniques, all claimed that their vaccine is over 60% effective, qualifying WHO criteria of over 50%.1,2 […]

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Three Memes And A Quantum Computer — Or Why Do Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

What is my research about? Let me start from afar! We want to build a quantum computer. Why bother? Well, would you like to be able to easily design enzymes making plastic degrade safer and faster? Or to speed up drug design by orders of magnitude? Or to engineer materials which are durable, light, eco-friendly, […]

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Oxford, Enteric Fever, and Global Health

Development of sanitation and infrastructure would undoubtedly help control enteric fever in low and middle income countries (LMICs), however changes on this scale are long and expensive and therefore inaccessible. […]

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A ladder of ideas

English is a strange language in insisting on the addition of the verb ‘do’ to form the question, when our cousins in Europe seem to do quite well without. When studying in Padua, I learned that there was an example of this ‘do-support’ (with the verb fà, meaning ‘do’) in an Italian dialect spoken in […]

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Dispelling the myths of secular mindfulness

If you enter the keywords ‘mindfulness’ or ‘meditation’ in PubMed, a large database for biomedical research, you will retrieve over 20,000 references. This may come as no surprise for some, who have noticed that the term mindfulness is everywhere in the media. However, the investigation of secular mindfulness, which involves increasing moment-to-moment awareness of one’s […]

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MCR News

6th October 2020

Oxford University Korean Postgraduate & Postdoctoral society

Hi friends Anyone from South Korea? There’ll be an welcome event for South Korean students, held by Oxford University Korean Postgraduate & Postdoctoral society. Would be happy to meet other Koreans there? Here’s the link for RSVP: […]

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17th November 2019

News: College Survey Finds Strong Support for Sustainability.

New research conducted in the summer of 2019 and released today reveals broad support for slashing the environmental footprint at St Edmund Hall (SEH). The results of a survey conducted by undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate teaching fellow members (JCR, MCR, and SCR, respectively, also known as “aularians”), not only uncover an 86% approval of this […]

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18th October 2017

2017/18 Teddy Hall MCR Writing Competition open

The MCR is excited to announce the call for articles for this year’s writing competition. The MCR journal, Ex Aula: Research from the Hall, was founded last year by the MCR and published 14 articles over Hilary and Trinity Term. The inaugural winning article, by Beth Raine, was chosen by the judging panel made up […]

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