If you’d like to book the BBQ for an event at NSE please, check the availability of the BBQ and make a booking by emailing the NSE warden Alex Grant (alex.grant@seh…).

If the request is approved, you will then receive a confirmation email. On the day of the event the NSE rep or sub-dean will unlock the BBQ if necessary.

When you are done, you should clean the BBQ and make sure it is locked up again.


Booking NSE rooms

If you’d like to book the NSE common room for an event please:

Check availability of the room on the roster by the entrance or by emailing the NSE Warden Alex Grant (alex.grant@seh….). If the room is available, please fill in a Room Booking Form with as much detail as possible. The form is available on SEH weblearn here. Send the completed form to NSE Sub Dean (Ilona Mostipan – ilona.mostipan@seh…) for decanal permission, with a copy to NSE Warden Alex Grant (alex.grant@seh….). Best to send it in at least a week in advance of the event and to include “Decanal permission sought” in the subject line.
The rules and guidelines for using NSE space for private events is available in the greybook and on the booking form. You can also ask the NSE Rep Jake White (jake.white@seh…) or the Sub Dean for further information.