Your Pidge

Your ‘pidge’ is your college mail box, with you name label above your pidge in the room by the porter’s lodge. Items you’ll find in your pidge:

  • Important University and College rules, regulations, certificates and contracts
  • Flyers from societies and events
  • Your external post (see below)
  • Inter-college mail
  • Returned work you submit as part of your course can be delivered to your pidge

Please refrain from using it as a storage area (pigding things to yourself) space can be limited and the MCR IT room has lockers you can use.

Pleases use the pidges to send items to college administrative departments, staff and other students in college. Inter college mail can be given to the porters.

External Post Delivery to College

You can get your online orders and mail sent to college no matter where you live in oxford. Any packages to big for you pidge will be signed for by the porters. You will receive an email when it arrives then you can collect it with your bod card. Please try and collect within 24 hours and don’t order things when you won’t be around Oxford to collect them. After 24 hours your package can be moved to the pidge area which is less secure.

College Address

St Edmund Hall
Queens Lane