Meal Times

(in Wolfson Hall)

Breakfast: 8.15-9.30 on weekdays.
Cold snacks: 11.00-13.30 on weekdays.
Dinner: 18.00-19.15 daily (until 19.00 on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays).

Saturday & Sunday Brunch: 10.30-12.45
Formal Hall: 19.25

Menus & Prices

Lunch and dinner menus as well as meal prices can be found here, under Accommodation and Meals. You will need to log into weblearn to access them.

Formal Hall

Formal hall is at 7.25 pm on Tuesdays and Friday, weekly in term-time, where gowns are to be worn. Formals include a three-course dinner and wine (costs can be found above). Each formal hall is limited to 130 people and there is a limit of two guests per student, space permitting. When sitting on high table the limit is one guest per student.

The website to book formal hall can be found here. Bookings close at noon three days prior.

Sherry is served at 18:45 in the MCR on Tuesdays and Fridays before every formal. Port is served in the MCR directly after every formal hall. You are invited to bring your dinner guests to the MCR before and after formal hall.

Dining with the SCR: Guest Night and High Table

Members of the Middle Common Room (MCR) may dine with SCR members during full term on Wednesday evenings of weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 and on Friday evenings.

On Wednesdays of even numbered term weeks a four course dinner in the Old Dining Hall takes place (‘SCR Guest Night’), followed by formal dessert in the Old Library (or SCR Lunch Room, if numbers exceed 20).

On Fridays, a three course dinner is served in the Wolfson Hall (‘Formal Hall’). MCR members are invited to join senior members after dinner on Fridays for informal dessert in the SCR Coffee Room; they are welcome to remain there for as long as an SCR member is present.

(In Oxford the word ‘dessert’ is used in a very particular way. Dessert is a separate part of the meal, taken in a different room and consisting of fruit, nuts and chocolates, and a variety of after-dinner wines: in our case port, madeira, the same red wine offered at dinner, and a white dessert wine. Dessert is only available for four or more people, one of whom must be a Fellow.)

MCR members may invite one guest. 6 places are available for MCR members and their guests for the SCR Guest Night and 8 places are available at Formal Hall. In line with the wishes of the MCR Committee, MCR members may attend no more than two dinners each term. Booking of these places is on a first come, first served basis through the SCR meal booking website. The deadline for booking meals is 10am on the preceding day.
The on-line booking system High Table and for SCR Guest Night may be found at

The cost of dinner, wine and dessert is covered using dinner tickets: the cost is five dinner tickets per diner on Wednesdays and four dinner tickets per diner on Fridays. Post-dessert drinks are not included in this charge.

For Wednesday and Friday dinners during term diners foregather in the SCR Coffee Room, unless otherwise advised. The main entrance to the SCR is to be found opposite the entrance to the Wolfson Hall. This entrance will be unlocked on Tuesday and Friday evenings from 6.30pm. The dress code is jacket and tie. Gowns reflecting the qualifications held by the member are worn at dinner; gowns are not worn for dessert. Seating plans are typically not prepared for these dinners.

If present, the Principal presides at dinner. In his absence, the most senior Fellow presides. Seniority is determined by the class of Fellowship held and the date of appointment. Diners for a given meal are listed in order of seniority by the online meal booking system. Only in exceptional circumstances is it appropriate for a diner to leave the table during dinner; if it is absolutely necessary to do so, apologies should be offered to the Principal or presiding Fellow.

At formal Dessert, the most senior Fellow attending takes the chair. The presiding Fellow will decide where everyone is placed, ensuring a mixture of senior and junior members and arranging for no-one to sit next to those with whom they were placed at dinner. The presiding Fellow circulates the wines, which move in a clockwise direction around the table and are passed on to the left. The bottles stop with the presiding Fellow, who usually circulates them three times. Port and madeira are drunk from small glasses; red and white wine from the larger glasses. The food can be taken in any order and should be passed around so that everyone has a full choice of what is available. Dessert ends when the presiding Fellow stands to depart.

Anyone may be brought as a guest to dinner, although undergraduates of the University may not be invited, except as official guests of the college.