The MCR and College welfare officers can be a first point of contact regarding sexual harassment.

The harassment line can provide confidential support and advice regarding harassment. You can speak to a man or woman, and it doesn’t need to be someone from your college or department. Contact: (2)70760

An overview of resources dealing with sexual harassment, inside and outside the university, can be found here.

Every department will also have designated harassment officers who can offer assistance if you feel you are experiencing any sort of harassment.

If you have been raped it’s important to seek help immediately. Sexual Assault Referral Centres are the best place as they provide all the professional services you need in one place, including crucially forensic examination whether or not you decide to involve the police. They will provide confidential help to women, men and children, and offer both physical and emotional support. Unfortunately Oxford’s nearest centre is in Slough which is approximately a one hour drive away. Please don’t let this be a barrier to getting the help you need; take a taxi and confidentially inform one of the welfare officers (Laura Makin and Josh Cox) to get reimbursed.