Music instruments available to MCR members include the two guitars in the MCR and the piano at the NSE common room. Both can be used informally and without booking but with due respect to other students using the space.

In addition to this, Teddy Hall has a music practice room available for use. You can book these facilities at the Porters’ Lodge, and the porters will also be able to direct you to the music room.


How to Book

Before visiting or calling the Lodge  to book the Music room, you must first check the availability on the Public Rooms Availability Calendar.

From this page select – Availability – use the arrows or drop down to search for the Music room – choose the time slot you require – then ASAP visit the Lodge or call on 01865 279000 to book (email bookings will not be taken) first come first served basis.

The Music room is available from 10am until 11pm seven days a week, maximum 2 hour slots.

Please read the relevant section in the *Grey Book page 32 & 33* regarding Music and Noise. The use of amplified instruments is only permitted between 18.00 – 23.00.