College Accommodation

The college tries to offer accommodation to all new first-year graduate students at St Edmund Hall who desire it. Room allocations occur on a first-come, first-served basis and accommodation is in Norham Manor.

  • 19, 24 and 26 Norham Gardens
  • 1 and 2 Crick Road
  • Married and Family accommodation

Laundry facilities are available in 26 Norham Gardens. Payment is through the Circuit Laundry app. This can be topped up here.

Private Accommodation

The Graduate Accommodation Office lets and manages rooms, flats and houses in and around Oxford city centre, on sites owned by the University, to full-time graduate students. They have accommodation suitable both for single students, and for couples and families.  To find further information on graduate student properties, full contact details for the Graduate Accommodation Office team, and how to apply for accommodation, please visit the

The Graduate Accommodation Office also hosts a website called Studentpad, where private landlords advertise for tenants associated with the University (students, staff, academics and visiting students) –

Those using private accommodation may have additional issues to those living in college accommodation, such as paying utilities directly, managing telephone costs, paying Council Tax (you can file for an exemption), working with a letting agency, and so forth.

  • Council Tax: if everyone in your house or flat is a student you are eligible to have waived the resident council tax (a surcharge on top of monthly rent), and, normally reduced if you share with 2 or less non-students. For information from the city council click here. See the Oxfordshire City Council office on St Aldate’s Street near the Post Office and opposite City Hall to complete the form that will get this tax waived. Be sure to bring these documents:
    • Proof of residence: a utility bill showing your name and Oxford address, preferably a bill showing payment received for a past bill.
    • Proof that you are enrolled in a college degree program – see the Teddy Hall College Office.
  • Letting Agency: if you rent outside of college accommodation you can do this privately, or through a letting agent.
  • Lots of people live out in Oxford, and it can be fairly straightforward to find somewhere to rent. Probably the best place to find private accommodation is:
  • If you rent through a letting agency, it can be easier to arrange repairs or to report issues than if you rent directly from the landlord, particularly if they live outside Oxford. However, agencies often charge fees for preparing the tenancy agreement, performing financial checks on you, and holding the property.
  • When looking for somewhere to rent in Oxford:
    1. Read the tenancy agreement carefully before you sign.
    2. Ask current tenants about how the house is maintained and how much bills have cost.
    3. Check that your deposit will be placed in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme. These are legally mandated schemes which have been set up to hold your deposit and ensure that it is returned to you promptly at the end of your tenancy and without any unfair deductions.