St Edmund Hall MCR Guest Membership Guidance


Guest Membership may be conferred upon anyone who the MCR believes would benefit from MCR membership, including but not limited to spouses/partners of Ordinary Members and visiting graduates coming to Oxford to do work under the aegis of a Fellow of the College.

Guest Membership Benefits

Guest members are entitled to use all MCR facilities and to attend all MCR events. For this purpose, the MCR IT Officer will maintain a mailing list of all current MCR guest members. As such, proposers are required to send the contact email address of their guest member(s) to the IT Officer once Guest Membership is approved.

Guest members are also eligible to receive a key fob for access to MCR facilities. This may be collected from the Porters Lodge when the Vice President has made such arrangements with the Lodge, which will happen shortly after the General Meeting where Guest Membership was conferred. Guest membership includes access to college via the Porters Lodge between 6am – 11.59pm, as well as the MCR and MCR computer room. Please note that guest membership does not include access to other college facilities, such as the library and meals in the hall.

Guest Membership Charges

The charge for Guest Membership is the same as Ordinary Membership, which is currently £13.50 per term. Guest Membership charges will be added to the Battels of the Ordinary Member who proposes the guest, on a termly basis. Please note that the proposer is liable for any fees incurred following loss of their guest member’s fob or failure to return a fob to the Porters Lodge promptly on the termination of a Guest Membership, currently £30.

Proposing MCR Guest Membership

If you wish to nominate a guest member, please send an email to the Vice-President ( by the Sunday before the GM at which you would like to propose your guest membership. Please note, when you propose somebody for Guest Membership, you take on financial responsibility for their Guest Membership – see Guest Membership Charges.

Please explain:

  • how MCR guest membership would benefit them
  • how they will contribute to the MCR

Cancelling MCR Guest Membership

Guest Membership remains in force for the duration of the proposer’s time as an Ordinary Member and Guest Membership fees will continue to be charged throughout this period. If a proposer of Guest Membership ends it, either through leaving the MCR or through informing the Treasurer and Vice President, then the previous Guest Member loses access rights to MCR facilities and events, although may still attend these as an MCR member’s occasional guest. As per the Eligibility provisions, former guests may once again become eligible for MCR Guest Membership, and may be proposed for this through an MCR General Meeting in the same way as any other new guest member.

If you wish to cancel your guest membership, please send an email to the Vice-President (