Thanks to the hard work of these past committees, the Teddy Hall MCR has come to be the special place that it is today. TEDDY TEDDY TEDDY!

2020 – 2021

President: Ben White
Vice-President: Julia Carver
Stewards: Thijs van der Plas
Treasurer: Andrew Gibson
Welfare: Julie Hechler and Raggy Ravichandran
IT: Yana Lishkova

2019 – 2020

President: Freddie Sørensen
Vice-President: Hannah Sharpe
Stewards: Robin Solberg and Ben White
Treasurer: Andrew Gibson
Welfare: Karen Gamero and Tim Stoesser
IT: Jacob Harrison
Sports Rep: Ben Evans

2018 – 2019

President: Ronnie Guthrie
Vice-President: Tereza Pusca
Stewards: Hannah Sharpe and Freddy Soerensen
Treasurer: Oliver Chén
Welfare: Charlie Clarke-Williams and Agata Rumianek
IT: Jack Mills
NSE Rep: George Hadley
Academic Rep: Samuel Lippl
Sports Rep: Ben Evans

2017 – 2018

President: Kusal Lokuge
Vice-President: Ollie Woodhall
Stewards: Siân Brooke and Ronnie Guthrie
Treasurer: Amy Chenzi Xu
Welfare: Tim Stoesser and Karen Gamero
IT: Maren Fichter
NSE Rep: Hannah Sharpe
Academic Rep: Tereza Pusca
Sports Rep: Freddy Sørensen

2016 – 2017

President: Linde Wester
Vice-President: Ryan Daniels
Stewards: Kusal Lokuge and Thomas Kittel
Treasurer: Nidi Tapoulal
Welfare: Theresa Scharbert, Victoria Ma and Katharina Angerer
IT: Andrew Martin
NSE Rep: Jake White
Academic Rep: Ben Fernando
Sports Rep: Jack Evans

2015 – 2016

President: Pip Coore
Vice-President: Zafar Khurshid
Stewards: Linde Wester and Alex Blakes
Treasurer: Beatrice Tyrrell
Welfare: Tonia Thomas and Megan Sloan
IT: Thomas Cosnahan
NSE Rep: Nidi Tapoulal
Sports Rep: Kusal Lokuge

2014 – 2015

President: David Severson
Vice-President: Nicholas Gordon
Stewards: Jessica Davidson and James Sayers
Treasurer: Harry Clifford
Welfare: Laura Makin and Joshua Cox
IT: Toby Baker
NSE Rep: Pip Coore
Academic Rep: Kathryn Hutchinson

2013 – 2014

President: Charlotte Cooper
Vice-President: David Severson
Stewards: Kristy Evers, Dean James and Harry Clifford
Treasurer: Joseph Fayertag
Welfare: Rachel Paterson and Gareth Evans
Welfare Assistant: Jessica Davidson
IT: David Springer
NSE Rep: James Illingworth
Academic Rep: Ambroise Joffrin

2012 – 2013

President: Christian Beck
Vice-President: Charlotte Cooper
Steward: Gemma Prata
Assistant Steward: Daniel Thompson
Treasurer: Amy Kenyon
Welfare: Renugan Raidoo and Paul Brook
IT: Katherine Har
NSE Rep: David Severson

2011 – 2012

President: David Springer
Vice-President: Christian Beck
Steward: Keely Bielat
Assistant Steward: Will Gunson
Treasurer: Esther Davis
Welfare: Beth Green and Jack Blumenau
NSE Rep: Amy Kenyon