Content last reviewed: 13th September 2020

The committee represents the interests of its members within the College on various College committees and within the wider university.

President – Freddie Sørensen

Freddie Sørensen – MCR President 2019-2020

Hi (H)all! I’m Freddie, the MCR President for 2019-20 and now in my 3rd year of a DPhil in Statistics. I grew up in a small city in Denmark, and studied in Copenhagen and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, before making Oxford and Teddy Hall my home. My research is focused around developing a mathematical understanding of complicated tree-type data structures, usually encountered in e.g. genetical data. When I’m not hovering over my desk trying to invent some new mathematics, I can usually be found in the MCR (… or the College bar), down by the river or in my kitchen trying to cook a tasty dinner.

My main responsibility as President is to represent the postgraduate students at Teddy Hall, within both College and the wider University. I’m also heading the fantastic group of people constituting the MCR Committee, who are putting a lot of effort into ensuring that the Teddy Hall MCR retains its reputation as one of the best, most sociable and vibrant postgraduate communities in Oxford. We will organize a multitude of events over the upcoming academic year, so that we all can get that most important break from our work and studies.

Teddy Hall and the MCR community has really become my home away from home, providing an incredibly social, fun and inclusive atmosphere where you can meet your fellow students from all over the world and make friends for life. I hope, and will work tirelessly to ensure, that everyone who joins Teddy Hall will have as good an experience as I’ve had so far.


Vice-President – Hannah Sharpe

Hannah Sharpe – MCR Vice President 2019-2020

I’m Hannah, your VP for the year! I am a third year DPhil student in Infection, Immunology, and Translational Medicine, where I work in a lab that develops vaccines for outbreak pathogens, and my research focuses on how to improve vaccine efficacy.

I’m originally from Hampshire, although I have spent the last few years in Oxford, so I know the city and the university pretty well already. As your VP, I’ll be doing all sorts of jobs including sending the weekly emails and helping Freddie and the committee throughout the year. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon!



Treasurer – Andrew Gibson

Andrew Gibson – MCR Treasurer 2019-2020

Nothing quite says “good with money” like a cheap Vietnamese suit.

Howdy Hall, I’m Andrew and I’ll be your treasurer for 2019/20. Everything in my life is just sunshine and rainbows. It wasn’t always like this though. Before Teddy Hall it was dark… and wet – I’m from Scotland (and will aggressively remind you) where I completed my Masters in Physics at Glasgow University, Scotland. In Scotland.

In my spare time as a 3rd year Materials DPhil student I study a novel manufacturing technique to lower the cost of ceramic armour for the military. Ideally this armour will have the same ballistic properties as previous versions but as the treasurer I can tell you, everything’s an optimisation.

If you can’t get enough of my emails regarding the various MCR charges on your battels then please, get in contact with any issues you have (regarding money) and I’ll be sure to forward them to the previous treasurer : )

Welfare – Karen Gamero and Tim Stoesser

Henry Blest & Kate Murnane – MCR Welfare 2019-2020

We are Henry and Kate – a vibrant virologist and a hunky dory haematologist- and your welfare reps! We have really loved being part of the Teddy Hall community this past year and hope to help others to have the same experience. So far we have set up – Pot Luck Dinners, Art Classes, Astrology Evenings and out of term Yoga – meanwhile spreading the Edmund ethos and cheer through light hearted communications. Looking ahead Henry would like to start a casual running club so we can put are best foot forward into the next academic term. Our goal is to help create a relaxed environment where all students feel welcome to aid a smooth transition into both Oxford life and the Hall. We can offer students support on a range of issues: accommodation, sexual health, exam stress, mental health and general welfare concerns. We are both looking forward to meeting you all and will likely talk your ear off so be ready!!!!


Stewards – Robin Solberg and Ben White

Stewards are responsible for the MCR social life. They organise parties, college exchanges, special MCR dinners, cultural events and trips. The stew- ards also attend Teddy hall’s Domestic committee meetings to raise issues about food and housing.

Robin Solberg

Robin Solberg – MCR Steward 2019-2020

Hi! I am Robin, and, together with Ben, I am one of your two Stewards for the academic year 2019/20. This year is my second year on the DPhil in Philosophy, working on a thesis in the philosophy of mathematics. I come from Oslo, Norway, where I did a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Philosophy before coming to Oxford for the DPhil.

Ben and I are looking forward to organising and hosting a wide range of social events this year for the MCR. There will be exchange dinners with other colleges, different kinds of tastings (for example wine and chocolate), barbecues, pub crawls, a trip or two to the cinema or maybe the theatre, and many, many unforgettable nights out. We also aim to be receptive to any ideas that you, the members of the MCR, might have, so please do not hesitate in contacting either me or Ben (or both!) with your suggestions!


Ben White

Ben White – Steward 2019-2020

Welcome to Teddy Hall! I am one of the Stewards this year. I’m from a farm in the middle of nowhere in Hampshire. I did my undergrad in Chemistry at the University of Bath, so how I ended up here doing a DPhil in Engineering studying the use of nanotechnology in cancer treatment, is a mystery.

I’ll be organizing social events over the course of the next year: from exchange dinners with other colleges, various kinds of tastings (wine/whiskey/gin/rum/chocolate/coffee), to nights out and adrenaline fulled paint balling. Robin (the other steward) and myself will do our best to make sure that you will have an extremely enjoyable year, please just let me know if you have any idea or event suggestions!

When I’m not working I’m playing rugby, boxing or just generally trying to have laugh. If you guys ever want to chat or have any suggestions, just send me a message or find me in college. I promise i’m not as scary as I look!

IT Officer – Jacob Harrison

Jacob Harrison – MCR IT Officer 2019/20

Hi everybody. Call me Jack. I DO know the wifi password. Beyond that, I look after the digital assets of the MCR and some other backroom bits like mailing lists. You won’t hear from me too much, but if you’re having a problem with the college site or NSE IT resources (like the MCR Computer Room, for example), you can hit me up for an assist.

I’m an MPhil in Development Studies, and my research focuses on novel economic processes in India in a post-globalisation world.

Sports Rep -Ben Evans

Ben Evans – Sports Rep 2019-2020

Hey Hall! I’m Ben, your Sports Rep for the year. I’m a DPhil student in Materials Science looking at advancedmanufacturing methods of tungsten armour for nuclear fusion reactors. I studied at Teddy Hall for my undergrad, so I’m fairly well acquainted to Oxford now. I’m a keen rower and cricketer and enjoy watching and playing as many sports as possible.

As Sports Rep, it’s my job to oversee safety inductions for the college gym at Norham Gardens; report back to the MCR about all upcoming sporting events and results and to support all MCR members in their sporting endeavours (including helping our Treasurer share the Blues Fund). If you’ve got any questions about sports (or anything else) at the Hall then feel free to drop me a line or grab me for a chat!