Content last reviewed: 21st September 2020



At the NSE common room, members can access the pool table, the piano, a TV, and a PS4 with a selection of games.

These are all free to use for MCR members without booking. However, college’s rules regarding social distancing must be followed at all times.

All issues related to NSE and its facilities should be directed to the NSE rep, Stewards or NSE warden .


Booking NSE rooms

If you’d like to book the NSE common room for an event please log in to and fill in the  online form.  Please, have in mind that you must follow the social distancing rules set by the College and the Government.

The rules and guidelines for using NSE space for private events is available in the greybook and on the booking form. You can also ask the NSE Rep Fernando Jimenez Gallardo ( or the Sub Dean for further information.