Content Last Reviewed 6th January 2019

The committee represents the interests of its members within the College on various College committees and within the wider university.


Ronnie Guthrie - MCR President 2018/19
Ronnie Guthrie – MCR President 2018/19


Ronnie Guthrie

Hi (H)all! I’m Ronnie, your MCR President and a DPhil student in the Department of Earth Sciences. I’ve a penchant for talking about rocks, fitting a Star Wars quote into every conversation and ensuring that the cheese-mongers and wine shops of Oxford remain in business all year round. I grew up in rural Perthshire, Scotland, and studied at the University of St Andrews before making my way down south for work and realising that I should stay on target researching the Earth’s geological past and return to the student lifestyle.

My role as MCR President revolves around representing the MCR community in a number of College functions and meetings, as well as the University at large. I also head the MCR Committee who work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that the Teddy Hall MCR maintains its reputation of being one of the best in Oxford. We run a number of events throughout the year, social and academic, to cater for the tastes of everyone in the MCR, ensuring a fun, friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy your time in Oxford and that the MCR can play a part in making sure you feel right at home here. Please feel free to contact me with any requests regarding the MCR or the College and I will be happy to help you. I am very much looking forward to welcoming and meeting you all over the next year.


Tereza Pusca - MCR Vice-President 2018/19
Tereza Pusca – MCR Vice-President 2018/19


Tereza Pusca

I’m Tereza, your VP for 2018/19. I am now in my second year of an MPhil in Modern Chinese Studies, focusing on Special Economic Zones in China, though most of my time is spent on attempting to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Originally, I am from Germany/Austria though I moved to the UK 7 years ago.

In my role as VP, I will be sending you the weekly MCR notices as well as serving as the back-up president for Ronnie and helping out the wider MCR committee. Apart from being on the MCR committee I have become involved in quite a few societies at Oxford, including Ice Hockey, Wine Tasting and of course Rowing for the Hall!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!



Stewards are responsible for the MCR social life. They organise parties, college exchanges, special MCR dinners, cultural events and trips. The stewards also attend Teddy hall’s Domestic committee meetings to raise issues about food and housing.

Hannah Sharpe - MCR Steward 2018/19
Hannah Sharpe – MCR Steward 2018/19

Hannah Sharpe

Hi Teddies!

I’m Hannah, one half of your stewarding team for the year! I am a second year DPhil student in Infection, Immunology, and Translational Medicine, where I research vaccine development for emerging and outbreak pathogens, including RSV and ebola, and how to improve vaccine efficacy.
I’m originally from Hampshire, although I have spent the last 4 years in Oxford, so I know the city and the university pretty well already.

Along with Freddy, we plan on organising a year to remember, filled with exchange dinners, wine and cheese events, parties and more! We are aiming for an inclusive environment for all members, and also sit on the Domestic committee meetings to voice any issues with catering and accommodation. You’ll be able to find me around the MCR, college bar, or of course at MCR events (often in some kind of fancy dress) if you would like a chat or have any suggestions for events you would like to see.

Freddy Soerensen - MCR Steward 2018/19
Freddy Soerensen – MCR Steward 2018/19

Freddy Soerensen

Hi (H)all! I’m Freddy, one of your Stewards for 2018/19. Coming from Denmark, I did an undergraduate in Mathematics and subsequently a masters in Statistics at the University of Copenhagen, during which I spent half a year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I’m now embarking on my second year as a DPhil student in Statistics where I focus on developing a mathematical understanding of complicated tree-type structures encountered in genetic analysis.

Along with Hannah, I’ll be organising a multitude of social events over the course of the next year: from exchange dinners with other colleges, various kinds of tastings (wine/whiskey/gin/rom/chocolate/coffee), to nights out and cosy board game nights in the MCR. We will do our best to make sure that you will have an extremely enjoyable year!

When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking – so much that I transported all my kitchen equipment from Denmark to Oxford – and going the movies. And then I might occationaly ask people to come to the College Bar by simply asking: “Beers?”.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all!


Oliver Chén - Treasurer 2018/19
Oliver Chén – Treasurer 2018/19


Oliver Chén

My Dear Teddies,

It is my pleasure to serve you as Treasurer. With support from many wonderful people, I manage the MCR budget and purchases.

Outside of the MCR, I study Biomedical Engineering. Along with a group of passionate individuals, we are working on how to use smartphones to assess Parkinson’s disease. Before coming here, I pursued studies in statistics and biostatistics at Washington and Johns Hopkins, followed by a fellowship in Neuroscience and Psychology at Yale. During my leisure time, I enjoy painting watercolor and oil, as well as playing tennis and basketball.

Many Teddies have helped me much since I came here; each has shared with me interesting stories and introduced me to unique perspectives. I look forward to meeting the incoming class and to learning more from you. Through learning, I hope to better serve you as Treasurer and to make your stay in our community a memorable experience.


Charlie Clarke-Williams - MCR Welfare 2018/19
Charlie Clarke-Williams – MCR Welfare 2018/19

Charlie Clarke-Williams

Hi, I’m Charlie, one of your welfare officers. I’m studying a DPhil in Neuroscience, investigating how memories relating to drug use encoded and retrieved in the brain to ultimately contribute to drug addiction. I also play a lot of squash and guitar (and sing badly).

Along with Agata, my role as welfare officer is to ensure that every MCR member has as positive and stress-free academic experience as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Agata if you have any issues you’d like to discuss! We also organise several welfare-related events throughout the year, including picnics, yoga and massage sessions.


Agata Rumianek - Welfare 2018/19
Agata Rumianek – MCR Welfare 2018/19

Agata Rumianek

Hi Teddies! I’m Agata, one of your welfare officers for this year.
I’m from Poland but I spent my undergrad years in London before joining Teddy Hall for my DPhil in Cardiovascular Science. I pass my days either in the lab trying to make immune cells move or hiding from my lab in the MCR where I am always up for a chat about anything, silly or serious!
From keeping you all caffeinated and well-fed with cake and fruit, to celebrating the uniqueness of everyone in the college, Charlie and I are here for you to make sure that everyone feels welcome and happy and can fully enjoy the amazing experience of the Hall. So whether you want to get some worries off your chest or just looking for a partner in crime to get another slice of cake in the MCR, come and talk to us or simply drop us a message!


Jack Mills - IT Officer 2018/19
Jack Mills – IT Officer 2018/19

IT Officer

Jack Mills

Hi (H)all, I’m Jack, this years IT Officer. I’m currently a second year DPhil student in Oncology, specifically looking at the insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor and its potential as a target for treatment in prostate cancer, but before Oxford I did my undergrad at Exeter.

As IT officer, I manage the MCR website, mailing lists and punt bookings, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions or issues with these. I’m usually in the lab during the day, but I’m regularly around college and at the many MCR events throughout the year, as well as representing the Hall for the MCR football team.


Sports Rep

Ben Evans - Sports Rep 2018/19
Ben Evans – Sports Rep 2018/19

Ben Evans

Hey Hall! I’m Ben, your Sports Rep for the year. I’m a DPhil student in Materials Science looking at advancedmanufacturing methods of tungsten armour for nuclear fusion reactors. I studied at Teddy Hall for my undergrad, so I’m fairly well acquainted to Oxford now. I’m a keen rower and cricketer and enjoy watching and playing as many sports as possible.

As Sports Rep, it’s my job to oversee safety inductions for the college gym at Norham Gardens; report back to the MCR about all upcoming sporting events and results and to support all MCR members in their sporting endeavours (including helping our Treasurer share the Blues Fund). If you’ve got any questions about sports (or anything else) at the Hall then feel free to drop me a line or grab me for a chat!


George Hadley - NSE Rep 2018/19
George Hadley – NSE Rep 2018/19

George Hadley

Hi! I’m George, your new NSE rep. I’m responsible for putting on those magnificent hungover bunches every Sunday morning at 11 in term time, as well as occasional events outside of term. Please also come to me with any NSE related issues you may be having so I can help you get it sorted.

Outside of the committee I am working towards an MSt in Medieval history, which means I spend most of my time in the Rad Cam reading and trying (hopelessly) to translate medieval Latin.



Academic Rep

Samuel Lippl - Academic Rep 2018/19
Samuel Lippl – Academic Rep 2018/19

Samuel Lippl

Hi, I’m Sam, your new Academic Rep. Along with Professor David Priestland, I am responsible for the academic seminar where two to three graduate students present their current research in a relaxed atmosphere with a magnificent home-cooked dinner. I am also going to organise a couple of other academic events throughout the year. If you have questions regarding the different grants which Teddy Hall offers, I am happy to help you!

I am originally from Munich where I spent my undergrad years and am now reading for a MSc in neuroscience. Feel free to contact me, whether you have questions regarding the grant or the seminar, an idea for an event, or just want to tell me about your research!