Content Last Reviewed 7th September 2017

The committee represents the interests of its members within the College on various College committees and within the wider university.



Kusal Lokuge

Kusal Lokuge - MCR President 2016/17
Kusal Lokuge – MCR President 2017/18

Hi (H)all! I am Kusal, you MCR President and a DPhil student at the Health Economics Research Centre who constantly talks about cricket and has an uncanny ability of convincing people to go out on weekday nights. I grew up in Sri Lanka, but have spent a fair amount of time in the UK for my studies, initially in Liverpool (despite being a Man United supporter) and then in a place I’ve finally come to refer to as “the other place” (also known as Cambridge).

My role as MCR President revolves around representing MCR in a number College committees and the University at large. I also head the MCR Committee who work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that the Teddy Hall MCR maintains its reputation of being one of the best in Oxford, by organizing a number of events which cater to the tastes of everyone in the MCR and working towards maintaining a fun, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere within our MCR.

We as a committee will try ensure that your Oxford experience is second to none and I look forward to welcoming and getting to know all of you in the upcoming year.



Ollie Woodhall

Ollie Woodhall - MCR President 2017/18
Ollie Woodhall – MCR President 2017/18

I’m Ollie, your vice-president for 2017/18. I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by farmers on the Welsh border, so I can often be found around the MCR with some unacceptably strong cider.

I am now starting my second year on the MPhil in Russian and East European Studies where I specialize in energy relations between the EU and Russia. I serve as the back-up president if anything goes faulty with Kusal, and also act as a general secretary. So when I’ve ran out of cider I’ll usually be plotting a devious coup against the president.

My responsibilities are varied, but include drafting agendas, accepting motions and arranging meetings, overseeing the punt’s use and handling guest memberships. Over the course of the year you’ll be seeing my name popping up in your email inbox with the general MCR notices…I promise I’ll try and keep these to a minimum! Looking forward to meeting you all!



Stewards are responsible for the MCR social life. They organise parties, college exchanges, special MCR dinners, cultural events and trips. The stewards also attend Teddy hall’s Domestic committee meetings to raise issues about food and housing.

Siân Brooke

Siân Brooke - MCR Steward 2017/18
Siân Brooke – MCR Steward 2017/18

Hey Teddy Bears! I’m Siân and I’m one of your stewards. I’ve spent most of my life in Nottingham, so I have a *delightful* midlands accent. I previously was at the University Portsmouth where I specialised in sub-Saharan constitutionalism, Middle Eastern colonialism, and internet memes. I’m currently in the second year of my DPhil at the Oxford Internet institute, with my doctorate focusing on the gender politics of hacking, hacker culture, and the dark web.

With my partner in crime Ronnie, your stewards will be responsible for the social life of the MCR. We have a range of exciting events planned for the year. With all of the dinners, port, and cheese we’ll have on offer you’re sure to get the beer belly of your dreams.
I can generally be found in the MCR computer room, or around the college offering people baked goods to try and make them be friends with me.

Ronnie Guthrie

Ronnie Guthrie - MCR Steward 2017/18
Ronnie Guthrie – MCR Steward 2017/18

Hi (H)all! I’m Ronnie, one of your stewards for the next academic year. I’m from Perth, Scotland, and I studied for an MGeol in Earth Science at the University of St Andrews for my undergrad. I’m now starting my second year as DPhil student in Earth Sciences, as part of the NERC DTP in Environmental Research.

Along with Sian, I’ll be organising the social life of the MCR, with a host of exchange dinners, nights out, wine tastings and plenty of other exciting events planned throughout the year. When you’re late for class or struggling through your lab work the following morning, you can probably blame us. Sorry/not sorry.

Apart from seeing me at all the social events, you can frequently find me in the Earth Sciences building on South Parks Road talking about rocks or napping in the MCR beside Sebastian after a hard day’s “work”…

Teddy Teddy Teddy!

(Hall Hall Hall!)




Amy Chenzi Xu

Amy Chenzi Xu - MCR Treasurer 2017/18
Amy Chenzi Xu – MCR Treasurer 2017/18

Hi Teddies! I am Chenzi, your treasurer.

I am from Hunan, China and previously spent wonderful four years in Hong Kong for my undergrad. I am now starting my second year in MPhil in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology.

I take care of all MCR related budgeting and purchases, and keep the account balanced and transparent. You are welcome to email me with any queries related to the MCR charges such as the MCR Charity Fund, the Oxford Refugee Campaign and any extra event changes you might accumulate through the term.

I’m mostly to be found at the Bodleian or the Taylorian, and I am always up for a cup of coffee or tea! I look forward to meeting you (H)all!



Karen Gamero

Karen Gamero - MCR Welfare 2017/18
Karen Gamero – MCR Welfare 2017/18

I am Karen, and am the person you can talk to if you need advice about health, personal or academic issues, or if you just want to chat.

I am currently studying a DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry and alongside Tim will be organising events to make sure you can find the time to have a chat with us, but you can always drop us an email or talk in private.


Tim Stoesser

Tim Stoesser - MCR Welfare 2017/18
Tim Stoesser – MCR Welfare 2017/18

Hi everyone, I am Tim. Together with Karen, we are here to make sure that you are well and that you make most out for your time in Oxford. Apart from my DPhil, I like teaching kids on the weekends about science and I am keen on traveling.

Just drop me a message if you have a question and I am very happy to give you advise on life in Oxford as good as I can or point you in the right direction for more information.




Daniel Hu