Content last reviewed: 13th September 2020

Thanks to the hard work of these past committees, the Teddy Hall MCR has come to be the special place that it is today. TEDDY TEDDY TEDDY!

2018 – 2019

President: Ronnie Guthrie
Vice-President: Tereza Pusca
Stewards: Hannah Sharpe and Freddy Soerensen
Treasurer: Oliver Ch├ęn
Welfare: Charlie Clarke-Williams and Agata Rumianek
IT: Jack Mills
NSE Rep: George Hadley
Academic Rep: Samuel Lippl
Sports Rep: Ben Evans

2017 – 2018IMG_1276

President: Kusal Lokuge
Vice-President: Ollie Woodhall
Stewards: Siân Brooke and Ronnie Guthrie
Treasurer: Amy Chenzi Xu
Welfare: Tim Stoesser and Karen Gamero
IT: Maren Fichter
NSE Rep: Hannah Sharpe
Academic Rep: Tereza Pusca
Sports Rep: Freddy S├Şrensen

2016 – 20172016-2017 committee

President: Linde Wester
Vice-President: Ryan Daniels
Stewards: Kusal Lokuge and Thomas Kittel
Treasurer: Nidi Tapoulal
Welfare: Theresa Scharbert, Victoria Ma and Katharina Angerer
IT: Andrew Martin
NSE Rep: Jake White
Academic Rep: Ben Fernando
Sports Rep: Jack Evans

2015 – 2016

President: Pip Coore
Vice-President: Zafar Khurshid
Stewards: Linde Wester and Alex Blakes
Treasurer: Beatrice Tyrrell
Welfare: Tonia Thomas and Megan Sloan
IT: Thomas Cosnahan
NSE Rep: Nidi Tapoulal
Sports Rep: Kusal Lokuge

2014 – 2015

President: David Severson
Vice-President: Nicholas Gordon
Stewards: Jessica Davidson and James Sayers
Treasurer: Harry Clifford
Welfare: Laura Makin and Joshua Cox
IT: Toby Baker
NSE Rep: Pip Coore
Academic Rep: Kathryn Hutchinson

2013 – 20142013-2014 committee

President: Charlotte Cooper
Vice-President: David Severson
Stewards: Kristy Evers, Dean James and Harry Clifford
Treasurer: Joseph Fayertag
Welfare: Rachel Paterson and Gareth Evans
Welfare Assistant: Jessica Davidson
IT: David Springer
NSE Rep: James Illingworth
Academic Rep: Ambroise Joffrin

2012 – 2013

President: Christian Beck
Vice-President: Charlotte Cooper
Steward: Gemma Prata
Assistant Steward: Daniel Thompson
Treasurer: Amy Kenyon
Welfare: Renugan Raidoo and Paul Brook
IT: Katherine Har
NSE Rep: David Severson

2011 – 2012

President: David Springer
Vice-President: Christian Beck
Steward: Keely Bielat
Assistant Steward: Will Gunson
Treasurer: Esther Davis
Welfare: Beth Green and Jack Blumenau
NSE Rep: Amy Kenyon