Content Last Reviewed 20th June 2017

The committee represents the interests of its members within the College on various College committees and within the wider university.

President Linde Wester

Linde Wester - MCR President 2016/17
Linde Wester – MCR President 2016/17

Hi everyone, I am Linde and I am your MCR President.

Originally, I am from the Netherlands, but I have been in Oxford for the last 4 years. I first arrived for my MSc. in mathematics, but I fell in love with the place and now I am in the third year of my DPhil in Quantum Computing.

My role as MCR President is primarily to represent the entire MCR at various College committees and the University at large. I also head up the MCR Committee who work together to ensure ensure that Teddy Hall is one of Oxford’s most fun, welcoming, and inclusive colleges.

I truly hope that you all have a great time at the Teddy Hall MCR and I hope to get to know all of you over the course of the year.


Vice-President Ryan Daniels

Ryan Daniels - Vice-President 2016/17
Ryan Daniels – Vice-President 2016/17

I am Ryan and I come all the way from sunny South Africa. I am the Vice President of the MCR. I washed-up on these shores over a year ago to begin a DPhil in Human Evolutionary Genetics with a focus on Southern African admixture.

I serve as a back-up president and a general secretary. My responsibilities are varied but include drafting agendas, accepting motions and arranging meetings, overseeing the punt’s use, sending out general notices and handling guest memberships.

I look forward to what will undoubtedly be a very active and fun year and I hope we can all have a great MCR experience!!

Treasurer Nidi Tapoulal

Nidi - Treasurer for 2016/17
Nidi – Treasurer for 2016/17

Hi Teddies! My name is Nidi and I am the MCR Treasurer!

I take care of all MCR related purchases and budgeting and am your point of contact for these!
Feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions/requests you might have for MCR purchases and for queries directly related to the MCR charges. These are the MCR membership/guest memberships, the MCR Charity Fund, the 50th Anniversary Grant, the Oxford Refugee Campaign and any extra event changes you might accumulate through the term. For any other Battel related queries you should directly contact the College Bursar.

Hope you have an incredible year at Teddy Hall!
Nidi Tapoulal


Welfare Victoria Ma, and Theresa Scharbert


Victoria Ma - Welfare 2016/17
Victoria Ma – Welfare 2016/17

Hi Everyone!
I’m Victoria, one of your MCR welfare officers. I am currently reading for a DPhil in Oncology. I grew up in Toronto, Canada and completed my MSc at McGill University prior to my arrival in Oxford.
Alongside Theresa, I am here to help provide a happy and healthy environment during your time here. We are here for you if ever you need to talk in confidence or to seek advice about health, violence, personal or academic-related issues. We will also help you unwind after a hard day with some relaxed events such as game/movie nights, sports, massages, yoga, and (of course!) tea+cake.
Please feel free to drop me a line if there’s anything you need and I am always up for a coffee or tea anytime! Looking forward to meeting you all!!


Theresa Scharbert - Welfare for 2016/17
Theresa Scharbert – Welfare for 2016/17

Hi H’all! I am Theresa and am a Dphil student in Inorganic Chemistry. This means my life is pretty much dominated by labs, one more reason to be excited to be your welfare officer.  Even though I grew up in Germany, I have lived in the UK for the last 8 years and completed my MChem at University of St Andrews in Scotland. Vicotria and I will be around to make sure you stay happy and healthy during your studies at Teddy hall. You can always come and find us to talk about any issues you might have or advice you need about sexual health, domestic violence, academic, personal or LGBTQ-related issues. We will try and organise some relaxing events such as movie nights, cakes nights but also some more active ones- as an alternative stress-relief. I look forward meeting you all over the next year and will be happy to help out wherever I can.

Stewards Thomas Kittel, and Kusal Lokuge

Stewards are responsible for the MCR social life. They organise parties, college exchanges, special MCR dinners, cultural events and trips. The stew- ards also attend Teddy hall’s Domestic committee meetings to raise issues about food and housing.


Thomas Kittel – Steward for 2016/17

I’m Thomas, one of your stewards this academic year. I’m from Edinburgh, studied for my BA in English at UCL, and came to Oxford last year for the MSt in English (650-1550). I’m now starting my DPhil in medieval literature.

Kusal and I are in charge of organising the MCR’s social life, and we’ll make sure that after a lengthy week in the library or the lab you can hang out with your fellow Edmundites and talk about something other than your work.

I’m mostly to be found in the Weston or the Bodleian, but am also often in college. If you have any questions about MCR social stuff, or suggestions for things to do, feel free to ask!


Kusal - Steward for 2016/17
Kusal – Steward for 2016/17

Hi (H)all! I am Kusal, a third year DPhil student at the Health Economics Research Centre who constantly talks about cricket and has an uncanny ability of convincing people to go out on weekday nights. I grew up in Sri Lanka, but have spent a fair amount of time in the UK for my studies, initially in Liverpool (despite being a Man United supporter) and then in a place I’ve finally come to refer to as “the other place” (also known as Cambridge).

Together with Thomas, I will be in charge of organizing college parties, exchange dinners, night outs and a whole host of other social events. In short, we’ll be the ones who you’ll be blaming for when you are late for classes, overdue on deadlines, or have an early morning need for paracetamol. Looking forward to meeting you all in what I’m sure will be a fantabulous year!


Technology Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin - IT Officer 2016/17
Andrew Martin – IT Officer 2016/17

Welcome to Teddy Hall. I’m Andrew, and am in charge of the development and maintenance of the MCR website and research blog. I studied an MSc at college in 2012, and later returned for a DPhil in Arctic Long-Term Ecology.


LQBTQ+ Representative Michael Beauvais

Michael Beauvais - LGBTQ Officer for 2016/17
Michael Beauvais – LGBTQ Officer for 2016/17

Greetings! I am your LGBTQ+ representative. After having completed a bachelor’s and
master’s in urban planning, I am here reading for a second BA in
Jurisprudence (Law). I am looking forward to starting at a sixth form
once I am done here.

As your LGBTQ+ representative I am concerned with LGBTQ+ members of the
MCR and their welfare and concerns. I am excited to support Teddy’s
LGBTQ+ community and hope to see you at some events!

Feel free to send me at email or seek me out on the main site.


BME Representative Cherrelle Dacon

Cherrelle Dacon - BME Rep for 2016/17
Cherrelle Dacon – BME Rep for 2016/17

I’m a 2nd year DPhil Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine student from Trinidad and Tobago, and a Rhodes Scholar (Commonwealth Caribbean, 2015). I love eating, literature, photography and complaining about winter weather! My main role as BME Officer is to provide welfare support and represent the needs of BME students within the MCR. Responsibilities of the Black and Minority Ethnicity (BME) officer include:

  • Represent the views of self-identifying BME students at St. Edmund Hall
  • Promote ethnic and cultural diversity within the college
  • Raise awareness of BME issues among MCR members
  • Promote university campaigns and events related to BME issues
  • Provide a ‘safe space’ within college for BME students to discuss race, differences in cultural experiences or other welfare concerns
  • Assist BME students in accessing support networks at college and across the university

Womens’ Representative Cat White

Cat White - Womans' Rep 2016/17
Cat White – Womans’ Rep 2016/17

Hi everyone,

I’m Cat and I’m thrilled to be your Women’s Rep. I’m from the UK but have spent some time living all over! Before coming to Oxford I worked for UNESCO and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research in the fields of Gender Equality and Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones. I’m now studying for the MSt in Women’s Studies and have already fallen in love with Oxford.

As your Women’s Rep, I will work along with Sneha to provide support in particular for students who identify as women. This will involve representation, advocacy and welfare. Some of my specific projects will involve:

– Women of colour in the education system, including access to education and mental health.

– Career and personal development workshops and talks specifically aimed at postgraduate women.

-‘Periods and Pregnancy’ related support including support for graduate parents and greater levels of support surrounding access to abortion services.

– A clearly laid out college policy on sexual violence and harassment.

Please feel free to get in touch with me any time – I’d love to hear from you! 😊

Big Teddy love xx