Content Last Reviewed 23rd November 2016

The MCR supports students who have obtained Blues from University sports. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Total claims of up to £100 for a full blue, or £50 for a half-blue, per claimant per sport per year, using receipts towards any/all of the following:
    • Transport to and from any varsity matches
    • Accommodation at any varsity matches
    • Equipment relevant to the sport
    • A blues blazer
  • Claiming is conditional on the MCR Treasurer receiving an email from the relevant sports captain confirming blues status and (if required) confirming the claimant’s involvement in any varsity match, or the claimant’s need for equipment.
  • Total reimbursements to members of the MCR should reach no higher than £200 per term, with an optional increase to £400 per term at the Treasurer’s discretion (based on adequate funds in the MCR account). Any claims made after the cap has been reached should be added to a waiting list for reimbursement the following term.